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Designing and developing an online store for PC game subscriptions

GamesSessions was a PC gaming service that allowed users to trial games before buying in-game and continuing to play via Steam. The company brought me on to design the web pages for their new subscription based gaming service, “Gems”. For a monthly fee users would gain access to a library of games (think Netflix but for PC games). Each month big name games, such as Overcooked 2 and Control, would be rotated in for users to download and play.

I produced a design, prototype and then developed pages for the store front and landing. I was given some wireframes created by a user researcher along with some branding assets (typefaces and logos) and some first-draft copy to include on the pages. Initially I was required to design the landing page for the new service.

GameSessions needed me to design web pages for:

  • Subscription landing page
  • GameSessions game store
  • A new home page
  • A new about page

They wanted to take these designs to the GamesCom conference that was happening in a few weeks’ time to present to potential investors. I then developed the front-end (ASP MVC, HTML, CSS, JavaScript) for these pages and worked with the back-end developers to integrate these.

Filed under:
  • Design
  • UX/UI
  • Adobe XD
  • MVC
  • Front-end development
Outputs and outcomes:
  • Designs for a new homepage and subscription page
  • Interactive prototype
  • Design presented at GamesCom 2019
  • Photoshop templates for images for editor use
  • Front-end build with C# integration
  • Redesigned the game store and downloader
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Store landing page
- Logged in user
The GameSessions store landing page advertising 15% discount with three featured games and positive feedback from users
Subscription pages
Landing pages for new subscribers displaying a featured game and information about the subscription
Personalised choices
An example of the personalised choices made for GEMs subscribers
Cancellation timeline
Timeline showing users the time to cancel their subscription before being charged
Game store
GameSessions web store showcasing sales and recently released games
Gamesessions Downloader
The landing page for the GamesSessions Downloader 2.0
Final landing page
The final design for the landing page
GEMs landing page
The final and full design for the GEMs subscription landing page
Try the Adobe XD Prototype