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OrbSys was a York based computer repair service, its key selling points were a flat fee for repairs and travel to customers in the local area. They needed a website to help grow the new business. The website would need to be responsive due to customers potentially not having a laptop/desktop available to them.

Using the completed user requirements specification, I constructed a wireframe of the single-page website. I created a mood board using the business card as the basis for the design. I then used this mood board to design a mock-up in Adobe Illustrator. As the website was fairly simple it allowed me time to experiment with newer technology, namely the then new CSS grid property.

I tested on a multitude of devices and asked a variety of people with different technical backgrounds to complete some tasks - contact the company, find reviews and find the phone number. Based on the feedback gained from this user testing I made adjustments to the layout to make these key jobs easier. As well as a website, I also gave Orbsys some ideas about how to market the company through the website with a blog, Facebook and local advertising.

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Responsive design
The homepage for the documentary website displayed on a mobile device
Home page
Orbsys homepage displayed on a desktop browser
Blog post
An example blog post displayed on a desktop browser
Full homepage
The homepage displayed in full